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At West Africa Money we offer best exchange rate on multi-currency money transfer to accounts in Ghana, Ethiopia, Guyana, Namibia and Nigeria.

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Use this website to find articles on digital business, investing into Africa, real estate masterclasses, learn how to build, manage and make money from saving. Focus on investing long term and wealth transfer.

Doing business in Africa in the digital world

We can do business in Africa by adopting the digital practises in communication and money transfer. Find out more plus see example as all the digital tools should be put to use.

International Money Transfer To Africa And The Caribbean

Who is providing value for money? Check here first.

What is the African monetary union and what are the west African countries. Economic Community of West African States is known as ECOWAS.

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Doing The Maths On Cryptocurrency Investment

Attend events and gain an insight into cryptocurrency investment. Find out about Binary Options here at West Africa Money. We also list empowerment seminars, tours, conferences, expos and conventions.


The Insurance Industry in Africa

Where something doesn’t exist, only gives the potential for it to exist for those that can envision and mould the future. This strongly applies to the insurance industry in African countries. Where most developing countries have polished their secondary sector of their economy, it is only time for them to develop and nurture a tertiary sector barring any major setbacks. A secondary sector is when an economy can use its raw materials to produce manufactured goods.

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